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Most responsible business owners care about using electronic security for the protection of assets and employees. However, some may be hesitant to embrace new commercial security technologies. Let us show you how to make the leap one step at a time, with this easy-to-follow timetable. 

Step 1: Convert to cloud data storage

People talk about moving data to the cloud, but not everyone understands its importance. The answer is simple: better security at a better price. Storing your security data in the cloud  including your video footage and access control logs  can help you store more data, for longer periods of time, at a more cost-effective price point. And with so many scalable options for various business sizes, there’s a price point for every business. 

When should you make the switch? A good rule of thumb is to update your equipment every two to four years; you can easily slip the cloud migration into your refresh cycle the next time you make your updates. 

Step 2: Go mobile with your management

The cloud lets you access your security data as far back as you need to. By adding on mobile management, you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. By going mobile, you can add new users to your access control system from your smartphone while working from home or check video footage in real time while traveling. This is greater situational awareness with a lower cost of ownership. It can truly make you a better business owner. 

Step 3: Embrace the integration of your devices

You’ve already begun storing data in the cloud and managing from mobile devices. Now, it’s time to take the next step: integrating all your security systems. Once this happens, you can improve your operations at all levels. Not only can you connect your alarms, cameras and access control; you can even integrate smart environmental technology that manages your lights and HVAC system. It’s like putting your facility on autopilot. 

Step 4: Leverage your new business intelligence

Now that you have all this new data, it’s time to leverage it to your advantage. Use your new security insights to: 

  • Find security vulnerabilities and explore solutions. 
  • Make more informed decisions for staffing and business hours.  
  • Protect your proprietary information and valuable assets. 
  • Provide a safer workplace for your employees. 

You have the data; now, put it to use for the benefit of your business. 

Step 5: Be inspired by social media

This doesn’t mean relaxing your workplace social media policies. Instead, it means getting inspired by the way social media strengthens groups until they become communities. You see what collaborative platforms do in social environments; now, you can accomplish the same goals in the workplace by using a collaborative platform for emergency management. In the event of an emergency, employees need a place to communicate with each other — so while we wait for security technology to catch up, consider using a workplace Facebook group or Messenger thread. 

Electronic security is always moving forward, and you want your business to be in lockstep with what’s current. Use this timetable to get started, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about commercial security improvements. 

About Beyond Tech Solutions

Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions fills the void in security, surveillance and communications in California. We specialize in installation and maintenance of security systems, including cameras, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection and communications. 

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