Exciting Video Surveillance Developments in 2022

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With each new year, technology changes in response to market demands. Fortunately, that includes security technology. The manufacturers who make our video surveillance systems have identified needs in the marketplace that show where the technology should go in 2022. Here are some of those needs, and how our partners in the video surveillance space plan to respond to them. 

More User Flexibility 

In any B2B service, users want and deserve flexibility. In 2022, video surveillance will provide it in the form of:

  • Pay-as-you-go. Also known as the pay-per-use or PAYG model, paying as you go has become a standard for software and other technologies. Now, it is gradually becoming the standard for video surveillance. 
  • User-led modifications. The days of the product maker deciding when modifications are needed are coming to an end. Soon, the user will choose when it’s time to upgrade resolution, downgrade retention or add or delete specific video analytics. 
  • Additional analytics. Recent additions to video analytics have included people counting, line crossing, loitering detection and alerts for camera tampering. In 2022, even more impressive analytics will become available. 

More Powerful AI 

Artificial intelligence works best when it supports human intelligence and fills in the gaps. In 2022, that’s what the AI in video surveillance will be able to do.

In the sectors that make up the backbone of society, including healthcare, education and finance, daily operations will be improve because of video surveillance. 

Internal and external threats alike will be detected more quickly because of motion and event-triggered alerts, and managers will have more valuable business intelligence to inform their decisions because of this AI. It will be exciting to watch what can be accomplished. 

Call BTS for More Information 

In 2022, video surveillance will start becoming more flexible, more intelligent and more powerful — and organizations like yours can reap all the benefits. To discuss video surveillance with a knowledgeable security integrator in the new year, call Beyond Tech Solutions. We will be happy to help you. 

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Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions provides security solutions, communications and surveillance industry in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Fresno, California.

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