Access Control and Camera Integration: a Successful Case Study

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When it comes to a rock solid security solution, integration is everything. For customers that need to integrate the best cameras with the best access control system, we recommend Brivo access control with Eagle Eye cameras. Maybe you already have an access control system that’s getting outdated. If so, it’s time for a new solution — and Brivo has some of the best access control solutions around. 

Case Study: Software Company 

In 2018, a company offering software as a service (SaaS) for enterprise-level product lifecycle management brought on a new IT director; this person happened to have a background in the electronic security industry, which gave him unique insight into the company’s existing security technologies. 

Right away, he found that the company was using highly antiquated systems; this reality that was not without consequences, as the access control system would only work for two locations. He knew there was a better way; so from there, he set out to modernize the security technologies.

Brivo Enters the Conversation 

Because this IT director had previous experience with Brivo access control systems, he knew that brand would be his starting point. And because part of his goal was to expand the access control system to include video surveillance, he was delighted to discover the longstanding integration relationship between Brivo access control and Eagle Eye Networks cameras. 

“I looked into Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) and its integration with Brivo’s access control,” he explained. “It fit our needs from a tech perspective, meaning it was cloud based, easy to use, and the price was right.” Choosing a dealer that could install both brands and oversee the integration was the next step.

Integration Success Story 

The IT director found a dealer that could help him create a Brivo access control and Eagle Eye Networks video surveillance integration plan for all three of the company’s locations. From there, he said, “It was pretty much turnkey. They very efficiently pulled out the old systems and installed the new, and we were up and running with zero disruption to the business.”

In 2020, the onset of the pandemic revealed the efficacy of the new system even more. Once the company’s offices shut down due to COVID restrictions, the newly integrated system shifted from helping employees access buildings to ensuring no one was entering the buildings unsolicited.

“When we went into lockdown,” he explained, “I used the access control and cameras to ensure employees were not going into the office. Then I set up notifications through the VMS to alert me if someone entered any one of our three facilities.” Even more benefits surfaced when the company had to lay off employees, and their offboarding proved to be simple and efficient.

Business Intelligence Delivered 

Additionally, the integration between Brivo access control and Eagle Eye cameras delivered the company valuable business intelligence. When offices remained empty during lockdown, the IT director used the newly installed cameras to identify delivery people and oversee deliveries.

With remote access, he watched each delivery person arrive, opened the door for them with the touch of a button, and observed them making their drops before ensuring they existed exited promptly. 

Later, his superiors asked him for system reports to determine pre-COVID traffic; they were curious about traffic during lockdown vs. traffic after reopening. Because Brivo provides detailed access reports, he was able to gather intelligence on access events, building occupancy and traffic patterns throughout company properties. He described the process of reporting as simple and intuitive.

The Company’s Conclusion

Three years later, the integrated system has delivered everything the company was looking for. “Brivo and Eagle Eye have taken the burden off my small staff,” the IT director concluded. “Because they’re cloud based, we don’t have to continually manage, maintain, or upgrade the systems. We’re confident our cameras are running, and we can just jump on a browser, log in, and have eyes on everything from anywhere.” 

Your organization can experience these same benefits when you replace your outdated access control system with a new Brivo access control system, integrated with powerful video surveillance from Eagle Eye Networks cameras. It delivers the security, efficiency and intelligence you need to make informed business decisions. 

Beyond Tech Solutions can provide this integration; to discuss the advantages it can offer, contact us today. 

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