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Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions was started in order to fill a void in the communications and surveillance industry in California. Installing, maintaining, and servicing CCTV surveillance systems, along with structured cabling, our customer-focused techs are experts in communication systems, backing their expertise with unbeatable attention to detail.

Proactive Security vs. Reactive Security

What does it mean, and does it make a difference? In times of heightened crime, emerging threats and evolving uncertainty, it definitely does. Let’s look at a specific security scenario, and then analyze how a traditional, reactive security response compares to an advanced, modern and proactive security strategy.  

Customizing Facility Access for 24-Hour Facilities

For an administrator of a 24-hour facility, the access control piece of day-to-day security management is a massive responsibility. Facilities that are open all hours are likely to have three, perhaps even four shifts of employees coming in every single day. Many times, employees who work different hours don’t even know each other, including supervisors and shift leads. 

Throwing a Safe Company Picnic this Summer

This is a popular time of year to throw an employee appreciation party or company picnic. Holding an event like this can be a great way to thank your staff for their hard work, and summer is a great time to do it. However, making sure the event is carried out safely is your responsibility. Here are three ways to do it. 

Company Picnic

Making Your Video Surveillance More Cybersecure

It’s hard to miss the media coverage of cybersecurity breaches that affect the critical systems we rely on, including our food sources, energy production and fuel delivery. In addition, we see frequent attempts to compromise networks belonging to retailers, creditors and financial institutions in an attempt to access the data of companies and consumers. Whatever your business is, protecting your network from cyberattack is a responsibility with real implications for the people you serve. 

What Cloud Video Surveillance Can Do for You

We hear all the time that the cloud is the future of data storage, but what does cloud-based video surveillance actually mean for your business? Making the shift to cloud video surveillance is a small change that can do big things for your security goals and budget, especially when you choose the cloud-based video storage solution we make available from Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. Here are some of the things you can look forward to when you move your video storage to the cloud. 

Cloud storage

Why Your Access Control Solution Isn’t Complete Without Video Surveillance

Access control continues to be one of the most popular emerging technologies in electronic security. Business owners and site managers love the added security that comes with electronic credentials like keyfobs and badges — specifically, the ability to activate and deactivate employee credentials as people are hired and terminated.  While …

Why Your Access Control Solution Isn’t Complete Without Video Surveillance Learn More »

Security camera targeting a detected intrusion - 3d renderinga

Secure Your Business Better with Intelligent Access Control

Upgrading to a new access control system may seem expensive, but how expensive is it to continue to upkeep your old one? Replacing lost and missing keys becomes expensive, as does replacing old locks. And how much overtime are you paying for managers to respond to your business after hours because of …

Secure Your Business Better with Intelligent Access Control Learn More »

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