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In a time when crime is making a big impact on business, it’s time for businesses to make a big impact on crime. Remote guarding is a service that helps business operators prevent crime to protect their properties and assets. It combines the presence of video monitoring with the power of human intervention, and it’s being used across a spectrum of industries. Here’s what it involves. 

Proactive Video Analytics 

Traditional video surveillance is reactive. It captures activity on camera, so the property owner can view recorded video of a crime that’s already happened. Unfortunately, it does very little to truly prevent crime.

Contrast that with a video surveillance solution that has built-in video analytics. Video analytics is powered by artificial intelligence that can assess what’s happening on camera in seconds. If the activity is a security risk, the camera immediately sends a signal to the video monitoring command center at our central station.

As the user, you get situational awareness in real time from video analytics. It’s a far more proactive solution. 

Live Security Intervention 

The moment the AI in your system calculates a security event, it uses fast-acting cloud technology to send the signal to our video monitoring command center. From there, a live security agent intervenes to mitigate the situation.

Your security agent can issue a verbal warning the intruder will hear via the two-way audio speaker in your system. Often, this alone prompts criminals to abandon their plans and flee. If you have instructed us that you want law enforcement to be called for your security events, then your agent will dispatch police as well. This is live security intervention that goes far and above traditional video surveillance. 

Call BTS for More Information 

Once word spreads that you have this preventive solution implemented at your business, criminals are less likely to target it. Soon, your neighbors will want remote guarding to protect their businesses as well — and pretty soon, criminals will avoid your entire block. This is how remote guarding can make a serious dent in crime throughout our local business communities. To learn more about remote guarding for your Bay Area, Fresno or Los Angeles area business, call Beyond Tech Solutions. We will be happy to help. 

About BTS

Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions provides security solutions, communications and surveillance industry in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Fresno, California.

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