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For business owners, one of the most important functions of video surveillance is serving as evidence in legal claims. When personal injury cases are initiated by disgruntled patrons, employees or others, businesses can protect themselves by using video surveillance footage to defend against legal liabilities. However, there are caveats to make sure your video surveillance is an effective tool to use in your favor. Here are a few of the most important.

Use Timestamped Video

When insurance claims adjusters view your surveillance footage, they need to be able to confirm the time of the alleged incident. The only way to do that is with the timestamp on the video. If the plaintiff claims the incident occured at a different time than the timestamp shows, that may be able to help you disprove the claim. At Beyond Tech Solutions, we have a wide range of powerful video surveillance solutions with accurate timestamp functionality to support the needs of your business.

Maximize Camera Coverage

If a slip and fall incident was captured on one of your cameras, it’s important to have evidence of what happened next. Did the person walk away with a limp, or sprint out the door? The only way to know is with the footage from your other cameras. That’s why every square foot of your property should be covered with surveillance cameras, including the entrances, exits and parking lot. If there are areas of your property not protected by the watchful eye of cameras, we can help.

Don’t Worry About Audio

Insurance adjusters are required to follow privacy laws, including laws that dictate whether it’s permissible for an audio recording to be made. These laws vary by state, but California is a both-party consent state;  this means both people on an audio recording must consent. It is a felony to record audio without that consent, and violators may also be subject to civil liability. For that reason, you don’t need audio on your video surveillance. Instead, we recommend looking for features like clear recording, night vision and color cameras to support your business interests.

Using video for claims evidence is something many business owners find themselves doing at some point. To make sure your video footage is as effective as possible in defending your case, contact Beyond Tech Solutions to discuss your surveillance needs. We look forward to helping you.

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