Customizing Facility Access for 24-Hour Facilities

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For an administrator of a 24-hour facility, the access control piece of day-to-day security management is a massive responsibility. Facilities that are open all hours are likely to have three, perhaps even four shifts of employees coming in every single day. Many times, employees who work different hours don’t even know each other, including supervisors and shift leads.

Why Limiting Access is Necessary in 24-Hour Facilities

When these factors are present, they immediately add up to the facility being a highly security sensitive site. Employees need to have access to buildings, but only the buildings they work in, and only during the hours they are scheduled to work. The rest of the day, they should not have access to the facility.

Furthermore, employees should also not have access to areas that are for those with elevated security clearances.

When you have valuable assets to protect in a facility that operates for 24 hours, the stakes are just too high to give staff members unfettered access to areas they don’t need to be in.

The Best Access Platform for 24-Hour Facilities

A Brivo cloud access control system is the best access platform for 24-hour facilities with multiple shifts of employees. Administrators can manage the entire access control system from a single login on a platform that’s accessible from any web-connected device. They can customize access to the facility by person, time and location.

That means the right employees can be granted access to the right areas, at the right times, and nothing more. Administrators control it all, and on-demand reports reveal who tried to access restricted areas (when video surveillance is integrated, reports can be checked against the time-stamped video). Brivo cloud access control is ideal for these scenarios, in applications that include:

  • Healthcare
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Financial institutions
  • Gymnasiums

Any facility that is open 24 hours can be protected better with Brivo cloud access control. Administrators looking for the best access control platform for 24-hour facilities can call Beyond Tech Solutions today to learn more.

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