Proactive Security vs. Reactive Security

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What does it mean, and does it make a difference? In times of heightened crime, emerging threats and evolving uncertainty, it definitely does. Let’s look at a specific security scenario, and then analyze how a traditional, reactive security response compares to an advanced, modern and proactive security strategy.

Thief in the Night Threat

This scenario is your standard thief in the night threat: a prowler whose goal is to get into your building, get his hands on your inventory or equipment, and make off with it in the cover of darkness. Chances are, he’s planning on being in and out in 10 minutes. With a traditional, reactive security approach, he’s likely to accomplish his goal. Here’s why.

Reactive Security = Late Response

With reactive security, there’s no indication of the thief’s presence until he enters your building. His forced break-in or the sound of breaking glass will trigger an audible alarm, which will reach the monitoring center — but because the video surveillance is not monitored, there’s no way to verify the event. Instead, police are called to the site without a verified alarm. It takes them up to 30 minutes to arrive, and the thief is long gone by that time (carrying some of your property with him in a giant loot bag, of course).

Proactive Security = Early Intervention

With proactive security, you’ll have remote video monitoring. This is a service where a virtual guard at our monitoring center can intervene before the thief ever enters your building. Intelligent video analytics can begin recording while he’s still prowling around outside, looking for his opportunity.

With two-way audio technology, our virtual guard can talk down to him through a speaker and issue a warning announcement. Often, that’s all that’s needed to scare him off.

If it isn’t enough to scare off the thief, then the next step is for the virtual guard to call the police (unless you want them called earlier). The video verification of the event can get police there in a fraction of the time it would with a reactive response. Your assets are protected, and there’s a much better chance of the criminal being apprehended.

That’s how traditional, reactive security compares to a proactive security response. As you can see, it’s a big difference. If you’re interested in making that part of your building security strategy, call Beyond Tech Solutions today. We look forward to helping you.

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