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The warmer weather and relaxed routines of summertime can present security risks to all kinds of businesses. But for office buildings, the risks of the summer can greatly affect the safety of the employees who work onsite — and of course, those risks can also affect the bottom line for owners and other stakeholders. 

If you own an office building or you lease one for your business, we have security technology that can protect you from susceptibility to crime in the summer. Consider doing the following. 

Upgrade to intelligent access control. 

Maybe you traded the insecurity of traditional keys for access control technology years ago. That’s great — but if you’re still relying on your outdated legacy access control system, this summer is the perfect time to upgrade. An intelligent, cloud-based access control system gives you these advantages:

  • Remote management from any device with an internet connection.
  • Employee access privileges you set up and revoke on your own, at will. 
  • Access profiles for each employee and authorized user. 
  • Door locking and unlocking from anywhere using your mobile device. 
  • Smartphone alerts on any door activity you wish to monitor. 

Whether or not you plan on taking a vacation, you can run your business more securely and efficiently this summer with these game-changing benefits. 

Move your video surveillance to the cloud. 

Unfortunately, office buildings are not immune to the dangers of summer property crimes. In addition to break-ins, vandalism and arson, summer is also the annual height of outdoor crimes like loitering and overnight squatting. These crimes may be less violent, but they do damage in the form of financial losses to your business. 

By migrating your video surveillance to our Eagle Eye Cloud VMS solution, you can put more eyes on your business and keep footage for as long as you need. In addition, you can receive a smartphone alert whenever motion triggers your cameras to start recording (including afterhours). You choose whether law enforcement gets involved; that’s how our cloud-based video surveillance solution gives you greater control of your business security. 

The struggle of summer security is real, but we have technology to keep your office building secure. Ready to get started? Contact Beyond Tech Solutions to request more information. 

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Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions provides security solutions, communications and surveillance industry in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Fresno, California.

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