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We hear all the time that the cloud is the future of data storage, but what does cloud-based video surveillance actually mean for your business? Making the shift to cloud video surveillance is a small change that can do big things for your security goals and budget, especially when you choose the cloud-based video storage solution we make available from Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. Here are some of the things you can look forward to when you move your video storage to the cloud. 

Total Compatibility 

Is the cloud compatible with your existing video cameras? The answer is yes, because our cloud solution is compatible with most existing IP and analog cameras. All that’s required to connect them to the system is a single point and click, including any new cameras you add on. The Eagle Eye bridge will automatically detect your cameras and properly configure each one, no software required. This cloud video surveillance solution is as simple as they come. 

Easy Analytics 

Analyzing your video is easy — but more importantly, you choose which cameras require analytics. To enable Analytics, go to your camera settings and choose the Analytics tab. A new tab will appear for each when clicking the checkbox. Because each analytic may be enabled separately, you only pay for analytics on the cameras that have it enabled. Your video analytics can count objects, detect when someone or something has crossed over a line, and generate an alert for you when an intrusion is detected. You won’t miss a thing when you have analytics enabled. 

Low Overhead Cost

With a low installation cost and no need for large servers or additional IT staff, moving to the cloud is an affordable decision. But as an added benefit, our cloud video surveillance solution allows you to only pay for what you need. It’s easily scalable as your business and surveillance needs grow over time. And if the time to downsize ever comes, you can scale back on your cloud storage as well.

The low overhead cost makes cloud video storage easy to add to your budget, no matter the size of your business.

On top of all these advantages, you can view your recorded video on demand from any internet-connected device. Thanks to flexible storage retention, you decide how long your video is stored, and the bandwidth is intelligently managed to give you fast upload. 

Call Us To Request More Information 

So, what can cloud video surveillance do for your business? It can revolutionize the way you manage your business security. As an Authorized Eagle Eye Networks partner, Beyond Tech Solutions can help you make the simple, powerful shift to cloud video surveillance. Call us today to request more information. 

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