What is Perimeter Protection?

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At Beyond Tech Solutions, we offer a perimeter protection solution powered by Axis Communications. What is perimeter protection, and why does your facility or property need it? To answer those questions, here are some of this security solution’s strongest characteristics. 

Thermal Technology Meets PTZ 

Our perimeter protection solution combines the effectiveness of standard pant-tilt-zoom (PTZ) dome cameras with cutting edge thermal technology to determine the level of risk. As the PTZ cameras swivel left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of a scene to capture a subject on your property, the thermal technology determines whether the subject is a person, vehicle or animal. 

That intelligent software is what helps your system distinguish whether the subject is causing a legitimate security event, such as an intrusion.

When a subject enters your property afterhours, you want this technology on your side. Several angles will cover the incident, recording it in high definition video so that your decisions can be as informed as possible. 

Three Levels of Surveillance Application 

Perimeter protection is ideal for three levels of surveillance:

  • Low level – Gated housing communities, where the primary threats are petty theft and residential intrusion. 
  • Mid level – Office buildings and warehouses, where concerns range from graffiti to intrusion and theft. 
  • High level – Critical infrastructure sites, where more severe threats of vandalism, sabotage and terrorism are likely. 

This is technology that’s designed to protect a wide range of properties from the security risks they face, covering entire perimeters with fortified surveillance and keeping administrators informed when breaches occur. 

Open IP for Easy Integration 

Easy integration is the key to adding on new security technology while retaining the equipment you want to keep. Our perimeter protection solution operates on an open IP system for seamless integration with your security hardware: lights, horns, access control systems and network door stations. It also easily integrates with third party software, including smoke detection and other equipment. If you’re curious whether it will integrate with what you’d like to keep, contact us for more information. 

Perimeter protection is the security solution your facility needs. To learn more, call Beyond Tech Solutions today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions provides security solutions, communications and surveillance industry in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Fresno, California.

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