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If you’re a business owner with major time constraints, you need a security strategy that’s airtight. One of the best ways to improve your security strategy is with a powerful video surveillance platform. Here’s what a versatile security video platform can offer you. 

Easy Access to Your Cameras  

Are you onsite at your business all the time? Most business owners aren’t. You have sales to make, events to attend and plenty of other demands on your time. Sometimes, you may travel long distances. No matter where you’re going when you aren’t onsite, you need easy access to your security cameras in order to keep tabs on what’s happening. A versatile video surveillance platform will give you that access, with a connection to your cameras from any web browser (or better yet, your own smartphone). This access instantly gives you a stronger security strategy.  

Analytics You Program Yourself 

Analytics are key to business intelligence. Video analytics that can help you see more and learn more will answer questions like: 

  • How many customers have entered in the past hour/shift/day?
  • Did someone cross a line into a restricted area (and who are they)?
  • What are the high risk times for loitering or vandalism?

Every business owner has their own wish list of security insights. That’s why you need a video surveillance platform that allows you to program your own. With a system that enables you to program specific analytical commands directly within your camera settings, you’ll have more of the versatility you need for a better security strategy.  

Higher Shareability with Outside Parties 

In the event of an emergency, certain outside parties may need to see your video in a live feed, including emergency responders and law enforcement. A highly versatile video platform will give you that critical shareability, with a setting that allows you to program sharing on demand. Giving others viewing access to activity on specific cameras can be as easy as enabling it with a simple activate or deactivate command. 

These are some of the key elements of versatility in a video surveillance platform. They’re what you need to give your security strategy an instant boost. To inquire about these features in a video platform, call Beyond Tech Solutions today. 

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Founded in 2010, Beyond Tech Solutions provides security solutions, communications and surveillance industry in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Fresno, California.

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