Making Your Video Surveillance More Cybersecure

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It’s hard to miss the media coverage of cybersecurity breaches that affect the critical systems we rely on, including our food sources, energy production and fuel delivery. In addition, we see frequent attempts to compromise networks belonging to retailers, creditors and financial institutions in an attempt to access the data of companies and consumers. Whatever your business is, protecting your network from cyberattack is a responsibility with real implications for the people you serve. 

Know this: Cyberhackers can gain access to customer data through any part of your network you leave vulnerable. Your physical security technology, including your video surveillance system, is not exempt. Fortunately, our partners at Eagle Eye have provided this guidance to help make your video surveillance more secure. 

Keep end user access to a minimum. 

In their cybersecurity guidelines, Eagle Eye instructs security dealers like us to keep end user access low and in order to make cybersecurity protection high. On a practical level, that means installers and support technicians should only be given the minimum access they need in order to perform their job duties. As the customer, your role in this is to limit admin access to end user data among your employees. One system administrator can have access, but your entire staff does not need it. By partnering together to restrict user permissions, we can create a more secure video surveillance environment. 

Make multifactor authentication a must. 

The most security-sensitive industries (from medical and pharmaceutical to banking and finance) have been requiring multifactor authentication for some time in order to grant information or access. Access to your video surveillance data should be no different. Eagle Eye has implemented multifactor authentication, by requiring us to provide a protected PIN number when we contact them to discuss your support needs. For your cybersecurity interests, multifactor authentication is a must. 

Demand end-to-end encryption. 

The hallmark of cybersecurity is encryption, and that also applies to video surveillance. In the lifecycle of your video, here’s where encryption becomes vital: 

  • Video is recorded; the data is transferred from the camera to the bridge. 
  • The data is automatically encrypted to transport to the cloud. 
  • It stays encrypted until an authorized user (required to present multifactor authentication) requests to view it. 
  • When the required authenticators are presented, the video can be decrypted for viewing. 

For the cybersecurity of your business, accept nothing short of the unyielding protection of your video data. To discuss your business’ video surveillance needs, call Beyond Tech Solutions today. We will be happy to speak with you. 

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