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Make a Difference with Remote Guarding

In a time when crime is making a big impact on business, it’s time for businesses to make a big impact on crime. Remote guarding is a service that helps business operators prevent crime to protect their properties and assets. It combines the presence of video monitoring with the power of human intervention, and it’s being used across a spectrum of industries. Here’s what it involves. 

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Necessary Protection for COVID Testing Sites

In response to the surge of new infections this winter, hundreds of new COVID testing sites have cropped up throughout California — and unfortunately, some are struggling to operate efficiently due to massive demand and understaffing. These sites require the extra protection that can only be provided by electronic security solutions, like access control systems and video surveillance. Here are some ways these systems can be used to protect COVID testing sites in the Bay Area, Fresno or Los Angeles. 

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Exciting Video Surveillance Developments in 2022

With each new year, technology changes in response to market demands. Fortunately, that includes security technology. The manufacturers who make our video surveillance systems have identified needs in the marketplace that show where the technology should go in 2022.

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Remote Guarding During the Holidays

This is a time of year when businesses throughout the Central Valley are especially susceptible to being victimized by break-ins and burglary. In the city of Clovis alone, numerous businesses…

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Access Control and Camera Integration: a Successful Case Study

When it comes to a rock solid security solution, integration is everything. For customers that need to integrate the best cameras with the best access control system, we recommend Brivo access control with Eagle Eye cameras. Maybe you already have an access control system that’s getting outdated. If so, it’s time for a new solution — and Brivo has some of the best access control solutions around. 

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Using Video for Claims Evidence

For business owners, one of the most important functions of video surveillance is serving as evidence in legal claims. When personal injury cases are initiated by disgruntled patrons, employees or others, businesses can protect themselves by using video surveillance footage to defend against legal liabilities. However, there are caveats to make sure your video surveillance is an effective tool to use in your favor. Here are a few of the most important. 

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What is Perimeter Protection?

At Beyond Tech Solutions, we offer a perimeter protection solution powered by Axis Communications. What is perimeter protection, and why does your facility or property need it? To answer those questions, here are some of this security solution’s strongest characteristics. 

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Proactive Security vs. Reactive Security

What does it mean, and does it make a difference? In times of heightened crime, emerging threats and evolving uncertainty, it definitely does. Let’s look at a specific security scenario, and then analyze how a traditional, reactive security response compares to an advanced, modern and proactive security strategy.  

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Customizing Facility Access for 24-Hour Facilities

For an administrator of a 24-hour facility, the access control piece of day-to-day security management is a massive responsibility. Facilities that are open all hours are likely to have three, perhaps even four shifts of employees coming in every single day. Many times, employees who work different hours don’t even know each other, including supervisors and shift leads. 

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Healthcare Security for a New Era

Today, the security needs of healthcare facilities are evolving and expansive. It’s no longer just about protecting the physical security needs of patients, but their information security needs as well. 

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